Ogie Shaw Fitness - Isorobic Exerciser OGIE Kit


Isorobic Exerciser OGIE Kit

The inventor of the original machine called it "the best exercise program for the time spent." If not the best it is certainly the most practical. Using the concept of Isokinetic-Rope Friction Exercise combined with Interval training we now condense traditional 40 minute workouts into 12-15 minutes.

All performed without eccentric exercise and stress to the joints; without bulking (muscle hypertrophy), and the 48 hour recovery time associated with barbells. Muscle isolation is a key advantage of this program so those with knee, neck, back, or shoulder problems adapt the exercises for their physical restrictions.



Space research showed that this method of exercise improved strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility to higher levels and in less time than traditional exercise. The one and one- half pound weight of the Isorobic Exerciser makes it extremely portable allowing a stronger exercise habit.

The Isorobic Exerciser Ogie Kit comes with the Basic Isorobic Exerciser Kit.

This Kit includes a

  • Isorobic Exerciser (machine)
  • 97 page training manual
  • foot board 
  • Straps for foot & Hand (1 pair) 
  • Soft Door Strap Anchor for your Isorobic Exerciser

Soft Door Strap Save Your Door & has been perfected the solution to chipped doors from the hard plastic anchor on the Isorobic Exerciser. Soft Anchor comes attached to your new door strap.


Straps are used in place of the handles for exercises for Hip & thigh, -Hamstring, Swimming


The Ogie Kit makes it the most complete exercise training package in America by adding:

21 Day Getting Started Plan

Doesn't include running belt, DVD, nylon carry bag.